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Rooted in customer service and financial expertise, Nelnet has brought a variety of businesses under its umbrella to create a diverse network dedicated to serving its communities.

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Nelnet is people-driven. Our foundation was built as a student loan servicer but our business holdings have extended well beyond federal loans. Nelnet’s businesses provide tuition management software, fiber internet, coworking spaces, and more across the nation. As opportunities to diversify and apply our service and software expertise continue to arise, we’re looking to add dedicated talent to our teams.

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Hours of time off per employee on average

Our Benefits

Our benefits package is built around helping our associates reach their personal goals. Advance your education with our tuition reimbursement support, prepare for the future with our substantial 401(k) match, and reach your health goals with our comprehensive health plans.

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Nelnet News

Q&A with DeeAnn Wenger

Get to know the inspiring woman who's the president of Nelnet Business Solutions/FACTS Management Company. Find out why she cherishes team successes over individual ones, see what her version of a great day at work looks like, and learn about how she became a successful leader and female role model through her extensive career.

Nelnet Promotes Entrepreneurial Future by Working with High School Students

Nelnet participated in a Youth Entrepreneurship Clinic (YEC) hosted by faculty from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The program drew Lincoln-area high school students who wanted to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

Nelnet Offices Celebrate Veteran’s Day

Nelnet offices observed Veterans Day with fundraisers, memorials, along with great food and company.

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As proud as we are of our benefits package, our culture is the real benefit of #LifeatNelnet. See what our associates have to say.

Our recent associate engagement survey had exceptionally high participation, and @campuscommerce, @FACTSmgt, and @PaymentSpring leaders are serving tacos to celebrate! Thank you to associates from all Nelnet businesses for filling out the survey! #LifeAtNelnet

Not all heroes wear capes, but a lot of them wear Nelnet t-shirts. Casual dress—it’s just one more thing to love about #LifeAtNelnet. https://t.co/2SZhrD2AtJ

What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing, it just waved. (Here’s hoping your Independence Day is better than our taste in jokes.)

We take root where our talent and opportunity live. Give us a shout-out — what’s your favorite Nelnet location? #LifeAtNelnet #LoveWhereYouWork

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