Meet Micah Lindblad, Nelnet’s Campus Recruiter

Micah Lindblad harnesses his experience in working in higher education to bring Nelnet’s investment in interns to life.


Nelnet’s Remote Associates Are Redefining the Daily Grind

More and more of today’s workforce is working from home. Find out how some remote Nelnet associates are making it happen from a home office.

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Work Hard, Break Hard – Nelnet’s Work-Life Balance

Here at Nelnet we believe in accomplishing great things every day we’re at work. We also believe in work-life balance – breaks are important.

Nelnet Associates Opportunities

Programmed for Problem Solving – Meet Nick Graef, Nelnet’s Software Specialist

A penchant for problem solving and educating himself has helped Nick Graef develop a career as an IT software engineer at Nelnet.

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Meet Patrick: The Summer Slugger

​Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the weather.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

iTalks Series Educates and Inspires Summer Interns

Leaders of Nelnet host iTalks series to educate summer interns about company history and discuss opportunities for professional growth and new experiences.

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Nelnet Contributes to Flood Relief Efforts

Nelnet associates across the country raised over $10,000 for flood relief efforts across the Midwest. See what being #NebraskaStrong is all about.

Giving Back Nelnet Associates

Meet Gigi: The Resilient Rock Star

By sharing her story, Gigi wants to give you the strength to push through tough times and keep moving forward.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

Nelnet University Celebrates its First Anniversary

One year ago, Nelnet University was launched to help associates learn, develop, and grow professionally. Founder Nycci Jones highlights the impact Nelnet U has made in the last year.

Nelnet Associates Opportunities

Sculpting an Art Director: Meet Ed Mejia

One of Nelnet’s creative minds delves into his experiences and how they contributed to his skills as an artist. Meet Ed Mejia.

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