Meet Tamika Jackson – Nelnet’s Superstar Super-Mom Supervisor

Nelnet associate Tamika Jackson quickly found success here – thanks to her competitive spirit and willingness to help others.

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Programmed for Problem Solving – Meet Nick Graef, Nelnet’s Software Specialist

A penchant for problem solving and educating himself has helped Nick Graef develop a career as an IT software engineer at Nelnet.

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Sculpting an Art Director: Meet Ed Mejia

One of Nelnet’s creative minds delves into his experiences and how they contributed to his skills as an artist. Meet Ed Mejia.

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25 Years at Nelnet: NDS Executive Reflects

NDS Executive Director Joe Popevis will celebrate 25 years with the company this fall. Take a look at his journey and how he was able to sustain a lasting career at Nelnet.

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Passion for Superior Customer Service Drives Stacy Luckey’s Long Career

Dive into Stacy Luckey’s 14 years at Nelnet and why professional development and customer service are at the center of her career.

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From Recruited to Recruiter: Emily Duff’s Nelnet Journey

Five years ago, Emily started her Nelnet journey with what she thought was a temporary job. Now, she loves where she works and is thriving in her career.

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A Glimpse in the Life of Nelnet Corporate Trainer Brandon Brown

Meet Corporate Trainer, Brandon Brown, as he talks about the ups and downs of his life and how he found success here at Nelnet.

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Innovation from the Inside Out: Meet Brian Ardinger

Brian Ardinger went from selling pizza slices to creating a community for innovation. See how the Inside Outside founder is now helping Nelnet grow.

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Meet Zeljka Hassler, Nelnet’s Digital Marketing Expert

From her childhood in Bosnia to becoming a digital marketing expert at Nelnet, Zeljka Hassler has experienced a lot throughout her life.

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