Sculpting an Art Director: Meet Ed Mejia

Ed Mejia sees the world differently. As far as he can remember, he’s always been curious about how things looked and why they look that way. “I always had a visual interest, I always knew how things looked and I… Continue Reading →

25 Years at Nelnet: NDS Executive Reflects

With an office view overlooking downtown Lincoln, it’s easy for Joe Popevis to reflect on his journey to becoming the executive director of Nelnet Diversified Services’ (NDS). Don’t let the office view fool you. One of Joe’s favorite outfits involves… Continue Reading →

From Recruited to Recruiter: Emily Duff’s Nelnet Journey

Five years ago, Emily Duff was ready for change. At the time, she was in a dead-end job, anxious to grow her career. Then she applied at Nelnet. Going into her first day as a processing representative, she had a… Continue Reading →

A Glimpse in the Life of Nelnet Corporate Trainer Brandon Brown

It’s the fourth quarter of a Lincoln Southwest football game on a Friday night in 2007, about halfway through the season. Senior running back Brandon Brown is bulldozing past defenses and well on his way to leading the state in… Continue Reading →

Innovation from the Inside Out: Meet Brian Ardinger

From a young age, Brian Ardinger always thought of himself as an entrepreneur. In school, if you were a kid in the market for baseball cards or comic books, Brian was your guy. But perhaps his most lucrative childhood venture… Continue Reading →

Meet Zeljka Hassler, Nelnet’s Digital Marketing Expert

Welcome to the world of Nelnet’s digital marketing expert, Zeljka Hassler. Zeljka has spent three years at Nelnet, serving as lead UX designer. What is UX, you might ask? The acronym stands for user experience, but Zeljka has a better… Continue Reading →

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