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Programmed for Problem Solving – Meet Nick Graef, Nelnet’s Software Specialist

A penchant for problem solving and educating himself has helped Nick Graef develop a career as an IT software engineer at Nelnet.

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2019 All Directors Meeting Looks at the Future of Nelnet

At ADM 2019, more than 150 Nelnet directors met in Lincoln, Nebraska to discuss Nelnet’s big plans for the future.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation Starts From Within

Know that everyone is capable of fostering a culture of innovation by examining things to find new methods of improvement.

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25 Years at Nelnet: NDS Executive Reflects

NDS Executive Director Joe Popevis will celebrate 25 years with the company this fall. Take a look at his journey and how he was able to sustain a lasting career at Nelnet.

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Forging Lasting Relationships: Meet Audrey Nichelson

Having work friends is one thing, but Audrey Nichelson has built lasting relationships all around the country. See how Audrey puts people first.

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Get to Know Great Lakes

Meet Great Lakes and learn about their 50-year journey from humble beginnings, to being a nationwide leader in higher education.

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Five Financial Tips for Recent Graduates

From budgeting to building good credit, there’s plenty of ways to manage your money effectively. Here’s our list of financial tips for graduates.

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Nelnet to Provide Outsourced Services for Silicon Valley Lender

See how Nelnet partnered with Prosper, a Silicon-Valley based lender, to provide employment opportunities in the city of Lincoln. Looking for a job?

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Nelnet Brings Coworking Opportunities to Lincoln and Highlands Ranch

Nelnet continues to grow and diversify by introducing coworking opportunities in both Lincoln, Nebraska and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Nelnet Businesses Opportunities

In Partnership With Lincoln Public Schools, Innovation Hub Launches FoundationGIVE, Raises $50,000 in First Month

Get the scoop on the FoundationGIVE launch, a crowdfunding platform to help classrooms and partner with businesses and schools.

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