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Passion for Superior Customer Service Drives Stacy Luckey’s Long Career

Dive into Stacy Luckey’s 14 years at Nelnet and why professional development and customer service are at the center of her career.

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Nelnet Offices Giving Back for the Holidays

Nelnet offices throughout the country are giving back this holiday season, by volunteering and holding events benefiting their communities.

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Refer Friends and Family to Nelnet for a Bonus

Nelnet associates can receive referral bonuses from $250 to $2,500 when a friend or family member is hired and completes 90 days of active employment.

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Business Casual on a Budget: Refreshing Your Wardrobe

Are you a recent grad who needs to update their wardrobe? This is the post for you. Find out about building your work wardrobe.

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Nelnet to Provide Outsourced Services for Silicon Valley Lender

See how Nelnet partnered with Prosper, a Silicon-Valley based lender, to provide employment opportunities in the city of Lincoln. Looking for a job?

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Think Before You Post: Reviewing Your Social Media

Whether you’re on the job hunt or just want to make sure your online persona is up to snuff, we have tips for reviewing your social media.

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How to Keep Learning After School (And Why it Matters)

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, constant learning will help you grow immensely. Check out these simple ways to keep learning after school.

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Value of Volunteering: Why You Should Give Back

There’s more than a few reasons why volunteering in your community is awesome. Check out this week’s post to see four benefits on the value of volunteering.

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Tips for Building Lasting Connections Through Networking

If you feel like you could enhance your networking skills, you aren’t alone. These tips will help you with building connections through networking.

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How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is more than just an online resume. Learn about optimizing your LinkedIn profile to build connections and find careers.

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