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Nelnet is a student loan servicer that’s grown into a fiber internet pioneer, real estate investor, and software provider. But that’s just the beginning. With 6,000 employees and growing, we take our business wherever superior customer experiences and ingenuity is needed. Check out the blog posts below if you’re interested in getting to know more about Nelnet’s people, places, businesses, and culture. Once you decide to apply, our recruiters are also supplying their top tips for getting hired.

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I Spy Nelnet in the Community

Nelnet associates take pride in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. It’s not too hard to find instances of Nelnet’s assistance and involvement.

Giving Back Nelnet Associates Opportunities

Programmed for Problem Solving – Meet Nick Graef, Nelnet’s Software Specialist

A penchant for problem solving and educating himself has helped Nick Graef develop a career as an IT software engineer at Nelnet.

Nelnet Associates Nelnet Businesses

Meet Patrick: The Summer Slugger

​Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the weather.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

iTalks Series Educates and Inspires Summer Interns

Leaders of Nelnet host iTalks series to educate summer interns about company history and discuss opportunities for professional growth and new experiences.

Internships Opportunities

Casual Dress Code Outfits Associates With a Sense of Comfort

With Nelnet’s casual dress code, associates can focus more on their work and less on dressing up every day.

Nelnet Associates Opportunities

2019 All Directors Meeting Looks at the Future of Nelnet

At ADM 2019, more than 150 Nelnet directors met in Lincoln, Nebraska to discuss Nelnet’s big plans for the future.

Nelnet Associates Nelnet Businesses

Meet Tammy: The Health Hero

This month, Nelnet’s “Health Hero” is here to help you learn to make healthy choices a part of your life.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

Nelnet Recognized by United Way for Donating and Volunteering Efforts

With the 2019 campaign on the horizon, it’s a good time to look back at how the 2018 United Way campaign went and what awards Nelnet associates were recognized for.

Giving Back Nelnet Associates

Associates Go Toe-to-Toe with Titans of Trade at the Nebraska Corporate Games

At the 2019 Nebraska Corporate Games, Nelnet associates displayed company pride and tested their skills in golf, bowling, and more events.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

Associate Runs 8K After Hip Replacement

After a total hip replacement, Great Lakes associate Jim Kreul placed sixth in the 2019 Crazylegs Classic in Madison, Wisconsin. Read on to see how he did it.

Nelnet Associates Wellness

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