Hiring Tips

Business Casual on a Budget: Refreshing Your Wardrobe

For college grads or others who are entering the workforce for the first time, one of the biggest adjustments can be shopping for work-appropriate clothes. Building (or refreshing) your wardrobe might seem like an intimidating task, especially if you have… Continue Reading →

Nelnet to Provide Outsourced Services for Silicon Valley Lender

Through its Proxi outsourcing service, Nelnet recently teamed with lending marketplace Prosper to provide customer contact and processing support services. Based in San Francisco, the online lender allows borrowers to apply for fixed-rate, fixed-term loans between $2,000 and $40,000. This… Continue Reading →

Think Before You Post: Reviewing Your Social Media

On social media, everyone has their own voice. Some people are playful, others more serious. Some people like posting about cat videos, others lean toward photos of canine companions. Whatever you use social media for, it’s important to remember that… Continue Reading →

How to Keep Learning After School (And Why it Matters)

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a veteran of the workforce, we’re sure you’ve had a few people tell you to never stop learning. It’s solid advice, but as with many things, you may find it difficult to actually… Continue Reading →

Value of Volunteering: Why You Should Give Back

The Value of Volunteering: Why You Should Give Back This week, Nelnet kicks off its annual United Way campaign. It’s an opportunity for Nelnet associates to give to their communities and help nonprofit organizations do amazing work. However, this campaign… Continue Reading →

Tips for Building Lasting Connections Through Networking

This summer, many of our interns will be participating in a Lincoln program known as MyTern, an experience sponsored by the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED). The program is designed to connect Lincoln interns and introduce them to an… Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has revolutionized the world of professional networking, allowing for members from over 200 countries to create and advance business connections. Though it’s used by many as an online version of their resumes, LinkedIn has the ability to be so… Continue Reading →

Resume Writing and Editing Tips

To a recruiter or hiring manager, your resume is your first impression, so it’s critical for you to make a lasting impression. These tips will help you write or edit your resume so that it’s not only informative, but memorable:… Continue Reading →

More than Passing Time: Why Hobbies Help You Grow Personally, Professionally

“So, what do you do for fun?” If you struggle to think of an answer to this question, now’s the time to think about what you want to be doing with your free time. While hobbies are ultimately up to… Continue Reading →

How to Stay Productive in a Busy World

Being productive is much more than getting a high amount of work done in a short amount of time. It’s leaving work or school at the end of the day feeling accomplished, knowing that you’ve not only completed every task… Continue Reading →